Bass hooked on πŸ€s
Practice catch & release 🎣
A journey of rats πŸ€

🎣 Hooked

The thrill of catching bass with rat lures is simply explosive! As a bass fisherman, I was hooked early on, but to my dismay my go-to Moreau rat was discontinued. I had to make my own…

πŸ”€ Learned

The quest began. I started with the basics of Blender3D and grabbed an entry level 3D printer. Being able to see drawings come to life in physical form was transformative. Did you know rats have eight front fingers and ten back fingers?

πŸ€– Prototyped

What you see isn’t always what you get. Designs that look fab don’t always work as intended. Despite mountains of unknowns, mornings were filled with anticipation on what was hanging on the build plate after a 17-hour print job.

πŸ§ͺ Experimented

Testing generally happened in the bathtub or local reservoir. While designing everything from top water lures to soft plastic swimbaits, it became clear that getting a lure to work perfectly is an art in itself.

🌐 Connected

Got in touch with the amazing bait making community on IG. Was blessed to connect with a seasoned bait builder @Sac_Pig who took the rat designs to the next level. Mischief + Mischief 2 were born. Perfectly outfitted and built to catch PBs!

πŸ§€ Happy πŸ€ fishing